How to choose LED light

LED light is one of the necessary family light product now, see below, we will share the experience with you ,telling you how to choose and something you should pay more attention when you buy LED light.  

Note: you should check the LED light before you make decision to purchase.
Usually, the quality of LED could be tell by visual test.1.Check welding spot.  welding spot on Qualified LED light is smooth and with a bit of Tin welding, the spot stretching from welding pad to LED Electrode place in arc-shape.
2.Check FPC quality. Qualified FPC could be bend many times,no welding pad could be peel off,otherwise, it is unqualified FPC .

3.LED surface cleanness check. , then its surface should be clean and have no impurity and blot. But the cheap copied LED light ,its surface always remain blot and never be wash out.

 4.Check package. Qualified products should be packaged at 5/10m per reel with anti-static package, the cheap copied product has none.
 5. Check Label. Qualified label is printing, the cheap copied product is be marked,and it's size and paramete
6. Check assembly. Qualified product attached instruction manual and size as well as LED light connector or light seat in package. However, the cheap copied product has none.


Notes:about the brightness something should be paid more attention        
1.There are different requirements for LED brightness. For example, in mall, LED jewelry counter lamp should choose high light in order to draw attraction, however, similarly, as decoration LED products, there are different products could be choosed, such as LED spotlight and LED seven-color lamp.
2. Anti-static capability:  LED with strong anti-static capability own long working life time, relatively,its price will a bit higher than normal one.
3. Light color should be conformity. This is especially important for the light assembly at large amount.
4.  Using low current LED product.
5. Waterproof capability. Light be used indoor and outdoor,its using requirement is different .

6. Correctly choose lighting angle .
7. Core quality of LED depend on LED chip. Different brand with different price.
8. LED's quality and brightness rely on Chip's size. Choose large size better than small one, of course, the price also differen