Why to choose LED light

If you want to get a quick win in saving energy and preventing global warming there is probably no better place to start than changing the way you light your home.


LED lighting,there are approaches to home lighting that can be even more energy efficient in many situations.This newest approach to home lighting uses a type of light called a Light Emitting Diode or LED. These types of lights have been around for years and have often been used as indicator lights in computers and home electronics.  Now they are being redesigned into new fixtures which usually combine multiple diodes with reflectors to create very effective lighting.


LED lighting has a number of significant advantages

1.LED lighting use even les electricity than compact fluorescent lights, saving more than 90% electricity.

2. LED lighting can last tens of thousands of hours, longtime lifespan and almost impossible to break,they make your maintenance cost much lower.

3.LED lights have no flicker like some fluorescent lights. 

LED lights are perfect choose for replacing small, inefficient incandescent bulbs in night lights, flashlights, path lights, spotlights, task lights and exit signs.


LED lights  are now available in many shapes and sizes.There are very conventional looking LED light bulbs that contain multiple LED's and operate 100~260 volt range.

They are your best choose to replace halogen light bulbs.


Like CFL's the new LED lights are measured in lumens rather than watts. Fortunately the packaging will let you know what type of bulb they can replace. 

Pricing is still a bit higher even than CFL's but the LEDs energy savings are truly extraordinary.

An LED spotlight, for example, uses just 8 Watts of electricity and would cost only $4.00 a year to run even if you left the light on 12 hours a day!

And LED light don't have any mercury that fluorescent light has.